2008 - another great year

· December 31, 2008

To sum up 2008 is not very hard for me - it starts and ends with Abbe (Albert). He was almost a part of our lives at the start of 2008 since he took up considerable space in Elin’s belly. :)

He went from:

Abbe 1 day


Same Abbe - 11 months

In work I don’t think I ever learned so much in one year (TFS, SOA, MSBuild, WCF, Oracle just to mention a few things I have touched during the year). But it come to a cost - where I also lost my ability to leave work at work when I go home. I’ll try to improve that next year - which won’t be hard since I will be home with Abbe for about six months.

With the Vasa Band it was also a great year with the recording and release of our CD Priority and a tour of the western parts of Sweden. On top of that we did two great Christmas concerts in the begriming of December. It is a great band with focus on Jesus and bringing a message through our music. I just love to play with the band - in many regards the best band I’ve ever played with.

For the Salvation Army part of “me” - my corps has rebuilt and move out and back again into our new, wonderful hall. A great feat for a corps that just consists of people doing stuff on their spare time. But it also took it’s toll - it was quite hard work at times…

So that was a great 2008 - let’s do 2009 even better.

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