SOAP UI - a great way to do integration tests for services

· December 10, 2008

Just found this tool - or actually I’ve used but missed it’s greatness…

The SoapUI can be used to automatically generate clients to access web services. But furthermore it can be used to test web services. With the tool you can generate test request and setup the expected response. This is setup via a nice GUI.

The requests and responses can then be run, in sequence or one by one.

What a great way to do integration tests for a service. Just imagine - you have 100 pre-built request/response-files and just run them (from the command prompt as part of you nightly build of course).

Since not much coding skills are required you can easily put the SoapUI  in the hands of a tester and maintain the requests/responses as checked in files.

Now we just need to find a way to run the test against WCF services. We can always use basicHttpBinding of course… have to think about it.

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