UTA058 The test engine cannot run tests in the assembly for out integration test

· December 11, 2008

We have a done a MsTest-dll that contain our integration tests that is run after each deploy to our daily build environment.

However on our new build server we ran into problems with the following error message.

“UTA058: The test engine cannot run tests in the assembly”

OK - it seems that you need to configure .NET Framework to allow running assemblies from network shared.

I found this description on how to solve it (potentially the longest URL on the net ;).

But we ran into more trouble… The .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration was no where to be found. As it seems that tool disappears when the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK is installed. Where it disappeared to is a another question that I haven’t found an answer to.

However the great description also told us how to handle the problem on the command prompt, with the caspol-tool.

To make a long story short - this command solved the problem on our build machine. Good enough for us:

caspol -machine -addgroup 1 -url \\[machine]\Drops\* FullTrust -name FileW

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