Simple but useful generic repository pattern

· February 16, 2009

I have pointed here several times before – but it’s so nice.

It’s an implementation of the Repository Pattern using generics, that will minimize your code in a very nice way. I am sure that the FindAll can be refined into something very nice with LINQ, that allows you to send a specification criteria or so.

Here is my implementation that uses a common interface (IBaseEntity) for all my entities. It basically has an ID, so that the abstract implementation can use it as a key:

namespace Marcusoft.SprintPlannerHelper.Repositories { /// <summary> /// A generic repository interface that dictates all the methods that a repository should map to /// </summary> /// <typeparam name=”T”>the type of the interface</typeparam> public interface IRepository<T>  where T :IBaseEntity { T GetById(Guid id); IList<T> FindAll(); void Add(T entity); void Remove(T entity); } }


public abstract class Repository<T> : IRepository<T> where T : IBaseEntity { protected readonly Dictionary<Guid, T> dictionary = new Dictionary<Guid, T>();

#region IRepository<T> Members

public T GetById(Guid id) { return dictionary[id]; }

public IList<T> FindAll() { return new List<T>(dictionary.Values); }

public void Add(T entity) { dictionary.Add(entity.ID, entity); }

public void Remove(T entity) { dictionary.Remove(entity.ID); }

#endregion }


public class ProductRepositoryFake: Repository<Product>, IProductRepository { /// <summary> /// Default constructor that fills the repository with some testdata /// </summary> public ProductRepositoryFake() { // Add the products from the testdata-class foreach (var p in TestData.GetTestProductList()) { dictionary.Add(p.ID, p); } } }

I implemented it and wrote this with Albert sleeping on my chest. Just imagine if all programming sessions were so peaceful.

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