Sprint Planner Helper - administration

· February 1, 2009

OK - in order to be able to work with this at all I thought I first should do some administrative stuff for the project. So I have setup a CodePlex-project where I will keep my sources. You’ll find it at: http://www.codeplex.com/sprintplannerhelper/. You can apply for getting part of the project there in order to get hold of the sources as I move along.

During the setup-process of that I learned that the Team Explorer Client that is used to connect to a TFS Server is actually free (!). You can download it from here.

I also decided to keep it quite freeware-ish. I will not use any products that cost money. In order for any other to “reproduce” the project on their computers.

OK - the project will soon be up - kind of. I have just created the solution and added my product backlog. Next thing on the agenda will be to create the projects.

PS I also downloaded the release candidate for the ASP.NET MVC which contains some nice features such as better integration in Visual Studio.

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