Sprint Planner Helper – Session 2

· February 2, 2009

OK - if you want to do DDD then you better start out with the Domain Model. So today I created a Class Diagram for my domain. I also try to follow the Extreme OOP rules and TDD (whooa - my head will explode) and use them to guide me through the process.

OK - that was quite exciting. I am not done yet - but I got a first domain-model up and running and started to mass produce unit tests.

I had some trouble with converting back to C# after two year in the VB.NET swamp (Me/this for example) but that will soon be over. Also the support in the studio is sooo much better for C#. I love it - this is what Visual Studio was made for.

**[UPDATED] **I moved the snippet for creating test methods to a post of it’s own. You’ll find it here.

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