Sprint Planner Helper – Session 3

· February 3, 2009

As I reviewed my work from yesterday I quickly realized that I bit off much to much. I only need to implement the model for the first product backlog item which is:

As Product Owner I can create a product backlog so that the team knows what is left before the product is done.  Each product backlog item requires at least an ID, description, priority.  Optional are story points (how big is this compared to other) and the possibility to upload a  document with additional business rules

So - true to the XP guidelines to not do more than is absolutely minimum to solve the task at hand, I backtracked and removed a lot of the code I wrote yesterday. I want to see where the TDD and Extreme OOP takes me.

I start each session by reviewing those rules in order to really get them to stick. Man - they are though (“Don’t use any classes with more than two instance variables”, gulp).

OK - so what I managed today was simply to get my model for the first story up. Great! I am getting a hang of the TDD-ing. I have also fallen back in love with C#. What a nice language. And the support for TDD in Resharper is great (with the Create Field on other class helper for example).

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