Sprint Planner Helper – Session 5

· February 8, 2009

OK – this was a really short session and it also mark the end of the first week of the project. Five hours a week – I’d love to work with this all the time…

I managed to get around the understanding of controllers. This article was great help… BUT they have change some stuff. So in order to get hold of the actual model in a view you now (ASP.NET MVC RC 1) need to go:

[TestMethod] public void indexViewModelIsAProductListWithOneElementsForTheTestUser() { var c = new ProductOwnerController(); var view = c.Index() as ViewResult; var model = (List<Product>) view.ViewData.Model;

Assert.AreEqual(1, model.Count); }

Small stuff – but quite tricky to find…

To summarize the first week I must say I am quite happy.

  • I am getting a hang of TDD. The test-first principle has learned me a lot about the model and it keeps me from doing to much.
  • Extreme OOP is harder than I thought. Much harder! I decided to keep that to the refactor stage of TDD (Red->Green->Refactor).
  • DDD – I am not sure I am doing it right yet. Next week will contain the Repository pattern – and I’ll need to understand that.
  • ASP.NET MVC – haven’t touched much yet. I am in modeling phase.
  • I have been able to keep my max 1 hour / day quite good. That means some days it has been zero but that was my plan. I am free!!!

I’ll get back to you.

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