Sprint Planner Helper – Session 6

· February 9, 2009

OK – I did some reading about repositories and they basically constitute a way for the domain model to perform CRUD operations – in a language needed by the domain model.

In this great document is a example and some very good explanations on what the difference between an Entity (has an ID), Value object (doesn’t have an ID in the model) and Aggregates (things that consists of other things) are.

So today I’ll back up and create a repository that can retrieve the products for a product owner – the IProductRepository. I test drive it forward – of course.

After a while ….

Oh yeah – I love the way TDD is leading me forward. Really nice code emerge.

I didn’t get quite as far as I hoped. I was hoping to be able to code a bit of controller-action (hehe…) today. Well – tomorrow maybe.

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