Sprint Planner Helper – Session 11

· February 21, 2009

It’s been a while since I did some code on the project. Abbe has been quite sickly and I have not had the time. No worries – it’s all a hobby ;)

OK – what I have done since last time (2 x 15 min I think) is to produce a list of Product on my web page. With this fancy layout…


That made me realize that I could have added some disclaimer when it comes to the UI. I made a certain css-class for the productlist, so someone can help me out later. I will make it functional now – not pretty.

I also came to realize that my model may be enhanced with some status for the product items and aggregated values for how much that is done for a product. I TDD’ed them out and added them to the GUI. Which took me forever since I got stuck on LINQ-issues. Here is a excellent site for help in these matters.

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