Sprint Planner Helper – Session 14

· February 24, 2009

Ok – today I’ll start by making a factory for the product class. I have some issues with the factory patterns and here is my reasoning; another class is the creator and must hence have access to the NEW-method of the class to create. Since that forces at least protected-level on the constructor it means that I cannot be sure that the clients uses the factory and not the constructor.

If I however place the factory method on the class I am creating – I can. But then I am violating the Single Responsibility Principle.  What to do, what to do…

For now – in TDD/XP-fashion – I’ll do the simplest. A static Create-method on the class I am creating. I don’t have several different Products so it’s the same factory for all products, possible with overloads.

Flame away – ye flamers… and give me some insight in how I should have done.

Anyhow – that should give me some work…

Another problem that I was faced with yesterday was that the product I added to my repository did not show up in the list of all products in the repository on the next page. That puzzled me for a while until I realized that; Even though I am using the fake in-memory repository version I am recreating it on each request.

So I need some sort of Singleton-version of the Repository to use for my application until I add support for SQL. I don’t want to do that just yet…

That turned out to be quite tricky but I am happy with the result – that was only a few lines of code… And now I have a repository, in-memory that remembers actions, until I close the application.

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