Sprint Planner Helper – Session 9

· February 15, 2009

Today I focused on finally getting the controller for my Product Owner tested and done.

For now the controller will always use my testdata repository so that I will know the state off the data. I really want to create my first view also – which will be that list of products.

Look at this really nice feature that helps you create views with the ASP.NET MVC kit.


This promise great things for the final release. More to read about this in this post, by the Gu.

Oh yeah – my first view is realized…


At this point I also realized two things… I will need to sketch out the GUI and I will be needing to add products, product owner and backlog. So I will probably rip the generic template for repositories from here.

But … hey – my first view! Me so proud. Me want to cry.

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