Why DDD rocks – the marcusoft.net version

· February 23, 2009

Today I had very interesting conversation with a colleague and friend. He is very accomplished in matters concerning Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). And the more we talked about that and the things I am learning with the Sprint Planner Helper (TDD, DDD and ASP.NET MVC) I got sure of that I am on the right track. It’s the way to go – especially if you want to be agile.

Just take my experience with this project. I have now coded for some time (ca 15 hours) without having to lock down to a database-design and data access strategy. Not even near – I am working out the model. I am even planning to do the database-stuff at the very end.

You could choose to view the data access strategy and database as a “necessary evil”. I know I will need one to persist my data – but I will do as little with it. Hopefully generate it or leave it to people better suited to fine tune a database.

The same goes with the UI – I am by no means a GUI-designer. So I know I will need a good UI, but I’ll leave it as it is right now (with as little work as possible for me) and maybe let someone else look at it later.

So what am I doing, you might ask… I am doing the real stuff. The Domain and it’s problems. Trying to keep it in a state that will hold for future changes.

Get on the DDD-train – it’s good for ya! And your code…

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