ASP.NET MVC – completing the NerdDinner example

· March 19, 2009

I am now done with the run-through the walkthrough for the ASP.NET MVC book I’ve talked about before.

The first thing to notice is how great this way of introducing a subject is/was. 196 pages of really interesting examples and code. Really looking forward to the complete book.

Secondly I’ve picked up some really useful and interesting techniques surrounding ASP.NET MVC:

  • The UpdateModel-method, or rather not using it. You can specify an inparameter to an ActionMethod (of the same type as in the View) and the framework will fill it out with data from the form.
  • There are some really useful attributes in the framework, such as Authorize.

I also learned some lessons surrounding my repositories that I’ll need to include in the sprint planner helper project. I’ll get back to that…

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