My light and song

· March 9, 2009

In a few weeks the Vasa Band will do a music festival at the corps. I will play an euphonium solo and was looking for something that isn’t played were often.

For a long time, several years actually, I have had the solo part for My Light and Song (FS 228) in my “collection”, but never dared try to it.

I have actually never heard it played (actually Patrik Randefalk did play it with the Vasa Band in the 90th-ies) or recorded.

I’ll try to post a recording here… after 25 march.


This is so sick! This book contains all music (kinda) that is available for euphonium. And who has recorded it! Including a reference to recordings by my father.

And My Light and Song is recorded. By a mr John Butler.

The internet is amazing…

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