Sprint Planner Helper – Session 15

· March 1, 2009

I don’t think I ever been doing system development in a nicer place – I am right now in Hyppeln in the Gothenburg archipelago. The weather is most wonderful and we have actually been sitting out for coffee and even managed to do some barbecue…

OK – I am pressing on with the Edit controller action for the Product. Ran into a bug of the ASP.NET MVC framework I think. The first one I see – pretty good for a RC…

I think that I have missed some part of the TDD-ing with that I haven’t been good at “testing my boundaries” (a Code Smell from Clean Code by Robert C. Martin). When I read it I didn’t fully understand it but as I am beginning to understand the TDD-ways I realized that for most cases that is to write tests for the NULL-values also. I guess that you could go to the other extreme and write test for the highest possible value but I cannot see the great use of that. NULL values are always good to test for so I think I will incorporate that into my TDD rhythm, and maybe even start with it.

Today I have worked with the Edit (update) and Delete-actions. I have implemented them in the view and the controller, still with a very simple UI.

I actually got the Product Backlog Items in a usercontrol also. Found the really nice RenderPartial-method that renders a user control in a view.

I have a great feeling of “i have done this before” when doing the UI. It feel likes good old ASP.OLD done right. And a bit like Web Classes (IIS Applications in VB6 back in the days). I like it!

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