Sprint Planner Helper – Session 16

· March 3, 2009

I am now almost ready with the first user story of my own backlog.

1. As user I can create a product that describes the product and the product owner so that the purpose of the product is known.

Each product has a product backlog that describes what is left to do.

Each product backlog item requires at least an Number(1.2.1), description, initial priority.

Other properties are story points (how big is this compared to other) and a document with additional business rules.

The one thing that is left is to be able to create new backlog items.

My GUI for editing a product right now looks like this:

edit a product

and as I said before I will not put to much effort into the design of the GUI, but I have noticed that the MVC-pattern opens up for GUI-design decisions to be change later on. I mean – there is a product backlog item create action that can be outputted as a pop-dialog or on a own page or via AJAX/Flash or …

That is a really nice feature.

Come to think of it – this is one of the main thing of DDD. You are given the freedom to choose (and change) how to solve when the time is right. This goes for all the ends of the application design; the database and the GUI for example. The important stuff (ie. the model) is what you need to worry about.

OK – on to the code! Lets write some simple test…

I brushed on some extension methods today. They are cool but a bit messy since they don’t belong in the class they are extending… I am not sure if I like them or not.

I came as far as I could create the form for creating new product backlog items. Tomorrow I will save them.

PS. Passed 100 unit tests today. Yeah!

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