Sprint Planner Helper – Session 18

· March 8, 2009

I haven’t done to much on the Sprint Planner Helper project during this week. A lot of Salvation Army activities has taken up my time.

But I have read the blog post (in form of a PDF-book) from DDD Step By Step. I have read much of it before but sometimes other word clear things up for you. This book did it for me.

OK – what to do tonight (Abbe is sound asleep and Elin has gone to work). I have most of the stuff from my first two user stories in place. But I need a way to easy move product backlog item up and down in the list. This will come in handy when the product backlog items are estimated.

So I’ll introduce some methods to move the in the product backlog list. And some arrows in the GUI for the list.

Let’s write some lovely simple tests and see where it takes me.

[tap, tap, tap… Marcus is typing]

Oh my good – this was really to open a can of worms. I have to rework the product backlog class from a List<ProductBacklogItem> to class of it’s own. This is also to follow Extreme OOP rule #8 – Use first-class collections, so it feel quite alright. Took me about 40 minutes to figure out though, my tests broke down…

The solution was quite simple. After I had reworked the ProductBacklog to not inherit List<ProductBacklogItem> I created a property that return the list in sorted order. The sorting was taken care of with this simple LINQ-statment:

public List<ProductBacklogItem> ProductBacklogItems




var listToReturn = from item in productBacklogItems

orderby item.Priority

select item;

return listToReturn.ToList();



After adding an AddProductBacklogItem-method I was back on track with all green lights…

I was then at the edge of blowing my 1 hour rule. So I stopped. Tomorrow I’ll get back to my reprioritizing of item.

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