Sprint Planner Helper – Session 22

· March 22, 2009

I have had some serious thoughts on what to do next in my project. On one hand I want to update the way I am doing the GUI for the product and product backlog. Right now I am warm and learning a lot about ASP.NET MVC so it feels quite good to continue there.

And on the other hand this is first and foremost a DDD-learning experience and I have got stuck for a while in the ASP.NET MVC trench.

And finally since I only have one hour a either way will take me on a detour from the other track. What to do?

After some serious consideration I decided to spend today’s session on a DDD-thingy that I ran into in the walkthrough. I want to implement the “IsValid and GetRuleValidations”-pattern. And include it in my BaseRepository Save-method.

That will be enough for today – I think.

[Coding with lots of simple tests takes place here]

Yeah – I liked that. Now I have a foundation for validation in place. I even added the validation rules for the Product, ProductOwner and ProductBacklogItem.

Good progress today.

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