Sprint Planner Helper – Session 24

· March 30, 2009

My detour for learning ASP.NET MVC is coming to an end. I cannot say that I fully know the framework but I have a much better understanding of it now and that will hopefully help me keep the tempo up.

I have a few things left (such as editing product backlog items) surrounding the product. But I will leave them for later. I am so long back to the DDD that this project also is aiming to learn me.

The third item of my user stories is a biggie and it concerns Sprints – the main object of my domain model.

3. As user I can create a sprint that represent a sprint in which some items of the product backlog is to be realized.

The sprint has a goal description and a start, stop and demo-date and the team members with availability (in %), absent hours and focus factor (in %).

The sprint also contains a sprint backlog which initially contains a sprint backlog item for each product backlog item selected.

The sprint backlog contains summarized values for total number of hours and story points.

I’ll start by making some simple tests to get to know the model. That’s probably what I have time for today

Unleash the code-fingers!

OK – I’m getting quite used to not managing the things that I think I will… I have now TDD’ed all the parts of an sprint (Team Members, Actions, SprintBacklogItems etc) – but not the actual SprintObject. I’ll get to that next.

Very good progress today. Doing TDD is such a good way to “get to know” your objects. I would love to do it in pairs in a real project – or even in a group to get the whole team to know the core of the domain object.

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