Home again

· April 29, 2009

We’re back home again from Ethiopia. The trip really was something extra. As I heard someone say: “Africa is more of everything - the worst as well as the best” - this trip has really taken it’s toll.

We have done some amazing experiences but also had some really hard times. One thing was that it was really hard to keep track of what Albert put into his mouth. There are so many things that you don’t even want to touch that he gladly put into his mouth. And he has also be sick during most of the trip, nothing too bad but still.

We have been on two great tours, one to the south (Wondo Genet) and one to the east (Ambo) of Addis Abbeba. The rest of the time was spent in Addis.

I will upload some (many?) photos as I get the time. Right now we’re taking care of Elin that still is sick from something she caught down there.

Great to be back in Sweden!

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