Sprint Planner Helper – Session 25

· April 2, 2009

Today I will continue working on the model, surrounding Sprints, and of course drive it forward with tests.

I came to realize today that I am now converted. I am now a TDD guy. I will do tests even if it’s not required of me. And the reason is security and speed.

I have gone from coding along with no worries – the tester will find (any) bugs for me… Then I heard of unit-testing and started to write some – just for fun in the start (yeah – pretty sick). After a while I didn’t dare to check in any code that I couldn’t prove with some test – but a wrote the code first. And after a while of doing that, I was so feed up with running behind with the tests that thought I’ll give true TDD a chance.

What I pretty soon came to realize is that not only was the code easier to test that way (doing the test first) – but I often spotted bad design and code even as I was writing the test. Before the code was even written, if you like.

That’s my reason for doing TDD.

OK – on to the code.

More test are written – more knowledge about the domain is acquired. I really like this way to get about the model.

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