Sprint Planner Helper – Session 26

· April 7, 2009

I have come to realize that I am not working… Not very flattering that I has taken me about 2,5 months to come to that conclusion but here I am.

So I will probably slow down the pace for this project. I have not done loads so far but I felt a bit pressured to “produce” and that not the kind of feeling I would like to have on my parental leave. So a bit slow – and still only when it’s fun!

OK – the thing today is to find aggregates and create repositories for the Sprint domain object.

When it’s comes to aggregates I still find them quite hard to grasp. The mainstream definition seems to be “things that must exists together” and the most common example is the Order-OrderLine relationship.

But for my Sprint I have a list of SprintItems each with a list of ActionItems. And if feels quite strange to get the complete thing each time I bring up a sprint. Feels to heavy. So I’ll start with the aggregate being the Sprint, Team and SprintItems and then another aggregate for SprintItem and ActionItems.

I am not sure that this is good DDD but I’ll start of like this. My modeling is done in PowerPoint, and if you follow my code (on this project @ CodePlex) you’ll find it in the modelling.pptx-file.

[PowerPointing in progress]


OK – that was the thinking part. Now I need to add repositories for these aggregates. That is mostly inheritance and tests. Simple tests… :)

[Coding in progress]

Ok – that took some time. But now I have the tests in place and everything is dandy to get started on the UI for the sprint-part of my domain.

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