Albert preparing for the summer

· June 4, 2009

Here are a few pictures from Alberts preparations for the summer.

<img src=”file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Marcus%20&%20Elin/Application%20Data/Windows%20Live%20Writer/PostSupportingFiles/d3668121-07d2-4668-a7ba-b0cd50ee4788/DSC_0937_thumb%5B1%5D.jpg” style=”border-bottom: 0px; border-left: 0px; border-top: 0px; border-right: 0px” data-border=”0” data-the=”” data-hood””=”” width=”170” height=”246” alt=”Albert in his summernight outfit. Ready for “ />

Trying out his bathing trunks for the first time. With the diaper inside...

This is for going home from the beach

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