Great introduction to BDD

· June 12, 2009

BDD (Behavior Driven Development) is the next natural evolvement from TDD. And since I am now converted to TDD I thought I’d look into BDD.

Well – after scanning the net for a while I finally found a introduction that I could understand. Here it is:

From what I understand some colleagues implemented BDD with NUnit. You can read about it here (in Swedish I am afraid), and also get some code that can help you create some documentation á la agiledox.

OK – the next thing to chew off… BDD looks cool.

**[UPDATED] **I have now read some stuff about BDD and Dan North (who wrote the article above) is, to my understanding, the father of BDD and that article is actually the birth of the subject. Pretty good introduction.

Here is a video that has some nice examples and expand on the subject

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