What I am watching

· June 2, 2009

Ok – the updates on this blog has been way under par for a while. That’s because I am not working right now.

I’ve noticed that when you have a lot of things to do it’s easy to get the little things done in a jiffy but when you do nothing it’s hard to start to even the small things… Strange but true.

OK – here are some things that I watch and enjoy right now.

Shaun the sheep – on SvtPlay.  Great fun for both me and Albert.

A complete live concert with Black Dyke Band (part 1 and 2). The playing has some minor blemishes but overall it’s great as usual, especially the Immortal-piece at the end!

Anything with Fodens on YouTube. Check out their run through Paganini variations (part 1 and 2).

And the rest of the time I enjoy the company and lazy days with Elin and Albert. And yeah, I do Salvation Army work. Preparing for a camp this summer amongst other things.

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