More great stuff on BDD

· August 14, 2009

I have been doing some more reading on BDD, and I like it more and more, the more I read about it. I am working from my house today and Elin is getting a bit annoyed from every time I call out “Yes”, or when I am trying to explain how good this is.

The main thing for me, right now, is that using the BDD-technique gives you a way to derive the requirements in a iterative and exploring way. And in the language of the experts (the ubiquitous language).

I also is fond of the strict structure of a story and it’s scenario that Dan North describes in this article. Mainly because it gives you guidance in the process (“what is the next important thing the system doesn’t do”). Here are some other reasons from Mike Cohn

Being strict and formal it also lends itself to automation, like these guys has done.

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