Why do TDD?

· August 17, 2009

I haven’t done TDD for a very long time and I still am waiting for my first BDD project in real life. In fact I sometimes have a problem to describe the goodness.

But Gregg Pollack has done the same journey as I have and he has also done this great presentation on why TDD is good and how to use it.

Sadly that video is long gone. Sad, because it was a good presentation.

This is such a great presentation where he takes us through a series of points that explains the rationale of TDD and then BDD, or the “pathway to developer enlightenment”, as he calls it. I have extracted his points here:

  1. Testing breeds confidence
  2. If you write tests before you write your code, you end up writing better code
  3. Well written tests are just as good, if not better than documentation
  4. TDD isn’t about writing tests, it’s about defining behavior.

Seeing this was like getting help to put words to my own thoughts. Thank you Gregg.

Also – I might have to check out Ruby. To many people has pointed towards it…

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