Visit of Ivar Jacobson

· September 21, 2009

Last Thursday the day had finally arrived. From a not very well planned post after an article it has been quite a journey to finally get a visit from one of the IT-gigants – Ivar Jacobsson.

I have made a short recap of what he said here (in Swedish), but the main thing for me was just to see and hear a man with that amount of experience, with all the enthusiasm still intact.

Also I like the ideas on the computer industry being a fashion industry that chases trend after trend. Ivar has started to look away from the different processes and instead focus on the practices that is used and can be combined into great support for the organization.

I really laughed hard at one of his statements: “We really has gone crazy with the documentation” (my translation). This said from the father of RUP that so many people has misused into documentation-mecca…

It was really a honor to meet Ivar in real life and hear him talking about things that he obvious love to talk about.

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