How to press F9-F12 in a Parallels Desktop Windows Image

· October 26, 2009

OK – I am a developer. I use all these crazy keys and combination that I suspect no normal person would ever think about. But for us (developers) a combination like CTRL+R,T (run all test in Visual Studio Solution) and CTRL+SHIFT+F11 (Step out of function while debugging) makes perfect sense. It’s no biggie.

I suspect that the Parallels Desktop, which I love by the way, didn’t think primarily of developers when they thought about the keyboard integration. But that’s ok – I’ll just learn some new funky combinations and away we go.

So if you want to press any of the F9-F12 keys in a Parallels Desktop Windows image running on a Mac – you’ll get quite surprised. The Mac command takes upper hand (that goes for all F-keys actually). And here is how to get by that.

Kind of – that didn’t work on my Mac Book Pro. But [COMMAND]+[FN]+F9 works. So:

to get F9-F12 to work in a Parallels Desktop Windows image running on Mac Book Pro go [COMMAND]+[FN]+F9

Really nice to include the [FN]-key and not any of the [ALT] or [CTRL]-keys since they are used sometimes. For example; here is my new favorite shortcut in Visual Studio (running on a Parallels Desktop Windows Image)

Delete All breakpoint? That’s easy; just go [COMMAND]+[FN]+[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+F9.

Hehe – new world record!

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