Private source control repository with integration in Visual Studio for free

· October 26, 2009

I have been looking into how to solve a Source Control problem. The problem is that is quite a lot of work to get it up and running in a very short time span.

OK – got an excellent tip (thanks Magnus!) on the Unfuddle-hosting service, that not only hosts your source control but also have lot of other services, such as a dashboard, bug tracking, calendar etc. And for very small teams its free! And for small team, nearly free; $9/month!

That’s all good – but I need a seamless and slick integration into Visual Studio 2008 to go with my repository. Enter AnkhSVN (wasn’t that the name Prince used for himself for a while?). OK – I’m using the tool not saying it out loud… I hope. It looks very promising and is used widely.

With this I got an fully fledge, well-integrated and free source control repository (and more …).

Free is nice, isn’t it!

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