Life changing events

· November 26, 2009

Often you can’t see them until afterwards… the events that really changed the course of your life. But in retrospect you can almost always point a single point in time when your life took a certain path.

Yesterday wasn’t one of those event. I know exactly when it happened. 15:12 2009-11-25.

We are going to have a second child. So we went to the ultrasound examination to see that everything was in order. And it was.

The nurse: He is the divider-wall (sorry but the non-techie English). Me (thinking): I never heard about no divider-wall when Albert was in there. Nurse: And here is the first fetus. Me: Ok… the first one. Nice…. What! First one!

After that the nurse had to leave us. Two takes longer than one. So I told Elin; that just now, that was a life changing event.

So we’re going to have TWINS! In April!

It’s still very new and a bit hard to get used to, but it will hopefully sink in soon. I still have some trouble seeing myself as a dad – now I’m gonna be a big-family-guy/dad.

Right now we’re tossed between extreme happiness and strong bewilderment. Mostly happy.

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