Marcus trying JQuery

· November 12, 2009

I still cannot believe that JavaScript has become so big… This is a language that many of us laughed at just a couple years back – but now we all stand corrected.

OK, swallowing my pride I am still happy that a number of JavaScript libraries has emerged so that I don’t have to hack it all by my own. Again…

One of the most talked libraries about these days is JQuery, which I actually thought was some kind of LINQ-dialect. But even if don’t have to hack it myself, I still need to learn it. And also CSS apparently since JQuery works a lot with CSS-classes and stuff.

Luckily there are some great tutorials and screencast (which I happen to like more) out there. Here is my recommended starter. It’s for designers so beware of some funky words and coolness from the presenter…

And here is another bunch of stuff that has helped me in my explorations:

And finally, quite amusing, my good friend Ken did a blogpost on JQuery. The same day! No relation!

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