ÖreDev day 2 – NHibernate in practice'

· November 3, 2009

Now it’s NHibernate with Stephen Bohlen, who is aiming to cramming in all (kinda…) of the screencast on www.summerofnhibernate.com in 4 hours.

I think I’ll just sit back and try to learn this, because this guy is probably paid by the word :)

OK – closing in on the end. I really enjoyed this presentation but it would have benefitted from being longer, a whole day. It felt a bit rushed and we didn’t get as far as I would have reached. Although the material covered was great and well presented. And now I always have the www.summerofnhibernate.com to run back to.

I learned something about TDD and unit tests. Always ask:

“What can we safely assert?”

And the answer should be:

“Only the values I’ve set in the test code”

This is especially useful doing “unit tests” against the database (ie. integration tests).

If you write a test that searches for people with first name equal “FIRST NAME”, the only thing you safely can check that returned people contains is that first name equal “FIRST NAME”.

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