ÖreDev day 3 – afternoon

· November 4, 2009

The fallacy of efficiency

Dan North – given a talk on not believing in efficiency (the theme of the conference) ;).

What he is aiming at is the difference in efficiency (the effort we burnt so far) and effectiveness (the outcome is what’s important, not how much we burnt so far).

OK – this is great! He is dropping gold ever ten seconds. I just hope to get hold of the slides, and try to post them here. I cannot possible summarize it here… It’s boarder-lining on politics but I like it.

Dan North – check him out. He’s great and quite funny also.

OK – best so far! By far!

Explorations of <a href=”https://www.hibernate.org/343.html”


This will be another talk by Stephen Bohlen, the speedtalker… So I don’t expect to be able to write to much during this.

We’re learning about add-ons (etc.) to NHibernate.

Here are some nuggets that I managed to throw down:

This was great but oh so fast, I’m short of breath…

Productive WCF

Going into the last part of the day and I am beginning to feel tired…

OK – Juval Löwy is up now and I expect some pretty advanced stuff.

Yep – I will be some not so well-know productiveness things in WCF. Another list:

Another great session. I’m running out of batteries now. Not sure if I can document the last session… Maybe – I’ll publish now, just for sure.

Accessing Data in the Azure Cloud

Julia Lernman based her talk on the frustration on not understanding how to use it, from a developer perspective. Suits me just fine – I’ll learn all the cloud religion later… :)

This seems to be a great but basic talk. I’ll leave it and try to grasp it. I am a beginner on this…

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