Saturday of brass band, presenting and fun

· December 5, 2009

I am on my way home after presenting at two concerts with Windcorp Brass Band. Exhausted but very happy.

It all went down quite well. The band was in excellent form and played well throughout the evening and their rendition of The Cossack will stay in my mind forever. Also the thing surrounding the concert was, as always, good.

My own part in the whole thing went well, even though I had missed the fact that the concert didn’t had a intermission. Quite embarrassing when I told the audience that a break was coming up, just to then call them back in their seats. Well, well – it became a joke and was quickly forgotten.

I love doing this! If there was a way to make a living presenting concerts I would take it immediately.

Thank you WindCorp Brass Band, Alex, Swedbank and all my friends in Gothenburg for an excellent day.

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