Inbox zero

· January 18, 2010

First, admit that the title alone is very tempting… You want it, you need it… but how to get it?

How do you manage the steady flow of mail and requests during a day? How do you stay afloat? That’s what you can learn from picking up on the inbox zero concept.

I first learned about this concept at a presentation by Scott Hanselmann at ÖreDev. You can see this presentation here. Mr Hanselmann has put out some other advices that are well worth reading as well.

I then realized that the concept is older than that presentation and was invented by Merlin Mann. He even has a site on the subject; But he looks so crazy on that video that I didn’t dare watch it ;)

Here is a great presentation Merlin Mann did at Google. It will take you through the basic rules and improve your mail management – I promise. Spend 58:38 minutes and save years of boring mail reading:

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