Resolving with Unity and Policy Injection using extension methods

· February 17, 2010

I actually thought that this was going to be a small thing. The Unity application block is Microsoft’s IoC-container, part of the Enterprise Library. The Policy Injection application block (PIAB) is Microsoft’s AOP framework, also part of the Enterprise Library.

You’d think that it would be easy to integrate the two… But it’s not… that simple. Actually that is stranger than it first sound because apparently they are calling each other internally.

OK – I want it to be easy to combine them, so I have written two extension methods of UnityContainer that make it easer.

Here is the extension methods:

And here is some tests showing the usage:

Of course I haven’t thought this out by myself. That takes time. I want things fast. So I steal ;). Thanks goes to this blogpost that helped me on the way and Christer and Anders who supplied me with some great input on the way.

Yeah that’s right here is the complete code example. And here is a services that translates C# to VB.NET if that’s your preference, mr Scott. :)

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