SpecFlow BDD .NET-style

· February 1, 2010

As you could read in my latest post I have be a bit frustrated with TDD and where to start, lately. BDD is of course the answer to that. But I must say that the frameworks are available to the .NET crowd is a bit weird. Either you have some really funky syntax (hey Anders, a new colleague and great guy) or it’s build on top on other stuff and where hard to work with.

I simply cannot see myself introduce any ordinary programmers to any of that.

But here is something that looks more like it… a bit at least; SpecFlow. It’s also built with an eye too RSpec, Cucumber and Ruby but build in the style of .NET and C#.

Here is a (silent) screencast, something about syntax and workflow and some great resources.

From this it even looks that they support Swedish… Great work guys!

I’ll be sure to look into this a bit more. Later. New assignment today.

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