Home with children – everything’s fine

· April 7, 2010

We have now been home for a while and things are settling down over here. Actually it’s working pretty good so far.

Gustav and Arvid - in that order

Gustav is much better – he’s completely cured, to be honest. Both Arvid and Gustav is putting on weight and are both happy unless you change their diaper…

Arvid and Gusta - in THAT order

Small children sleeps a lot, which is nice when you have another one to take care of also. Albert is really lovingly to Arvid and Gustav and enjoy to hold them… with us watching closely… He can lose interest very quickly ;)

Gustav, Albert and Arvid

So all in all – we’re doing just fine. Thanks for all greetings and congratulations (is that even a word?). We’ll soon come out of our cocoon and see you all on the town. But until then we’ll sleep some more.

Gustav and Arvid sleeping again

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