Configure WCF in IIS for anonymous access

· May 6, 2010

This case may sound strange and I have seen loads of post that describes how to get out of this behavior. But we have a case where we want to allow anonymous access and the let a external component manage the security validation.

This turned out to be very hard to figure out and required some wizard-like skills of Anders Granåker amongst others.

OK – the case is very simple. I have a WCF Service that I want to allow anonymous access to. I don’t care about message and transport security (for now). Just allow anonymous access – I’ll take care of the authorization in code.

Here is what I had to do to get it to work on Windows 2003 R2:

  1. Create a account on the server
  2. Put that account into the IIS_WPG group
  3. Create a virtual directory for my WCF service
  4. Create an application in that virtual directory
  5. Set the account as Identity on the application pool that the virtual directory is using (DefaultAppPool for example)
  6. Set the account as the anonymous account the virtual directory is running under (Directory Security)
  7. IISReset to get the settings to take

The last step is a bit interesting… In this time and age you could think that a simple recycling of the application pool would be enough but … no. Do an IISReset to be sure.

Another gotcha that confused us a lot was that when you set an account to be the anonymous account for the virtual directory, you’re prompted to set the password. And retype it to be sure. But that password is not check if it’s the right password! Beware – I locked out our administrator account due to this.

Now it works – and we have a build script that is doing regressions tests via SOAPUI.

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