TF203007 Cannot create the label because the version controlled item […] already exists or has been specified more than once

· May 28, 2010

OK – I just broke my old “longest blog post title” but this was a problem we ran into today.

As I understand the message some kind of duplication has taken place, but I don’t know what to do about it. Well I found this on a msdn-forum:

This error is cause by one of your developer was deleted file and added exactly same file back in instead using undeleted feature, and in the backend database, TFS give this file new file id which has exactly same server path; therefore, when you are trying to label, it throws an exception which complaining file already existed. To work around this issue, you have to manually open label and remove […] Then you should be able to label again.

OK. One of those - “That’s strange, but it works”. Thank you AndyPham.

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