CQRS–another love story

· January 27, 2011

People who know me also know that I easily get all ga-ga, fall in love in or simply get very excited over thing that I like. Actually the other day I thought for myself that I right now talk a lot about BDD, Specflow and Kanban – simply because I think that these things are just great. A quote that I often use by Dan North;

“It’s no silver bullet, but this darn close”

When I thought about that I also came to think that I don’t want to talk about or focus on things that I don’t feel like that for. There are simply to many new concepts, frameworks and technologies out there – I cannot take them all in and of course not be ga-ga over all of them.

The second that thought left my mind I started to watch a recording of Greg Young from ÖreDev last year. It was called “Unleash your domain” and was about CQRS. After a short while – I was in love again. I had another of those before and after moments. I already knew about this but this time it really got to me. And stuck! Before I stepped on the tube I saw things one way – and after I was a completely different thing. I see my earlier work with new eyes now – I cannot believe that I wanted to do it that way. Just like when I first learned about Scrum and agile methods – how could I possibly think that what I did before was a good way to work?

OK – I a still a newbie to the concepts but I think that the benefits from the CQRS principles are plain and clear.

  • Why should we have one and the same model to do all aspects of our application? We have to make trade-offs and compromises. Simply by splitting up the read model from the write model we get a much simpler management of that
  • Why are we often missing verbs in our domain models? The application workflow are more often than not in client or rather in the head of the user.
  • Why are we storing state that we don’t know how it came to be? For example; if somebody Create a shopping cart, Add 3 items, Remove 1 item and Checkout we only store a shopping cart with 2 items. The fat that one item was removed in the process is discarded. That could be valuable

In the ÖreDev presentation Greg Young hinted a site call CQRSInfo.com. I went there yesterday… and MY GOD! What a site. Loads of documents, example implementations (including one in Sculptor by some former colleagues of mine) and this 6 hour + presentation:

I will sure hang out there a lot. Thanks for some truly great content.

I now have another thing that I’m ga-ga over. And they all play nicely together;

  • Kanban to get control over my work and process
  • BDD to get the collaboration with stakeholders, behavior specifications and testing  and outside-in development in place in a nice way.
  • And CQRS to create the application in a well designed manner

One of these days I need to write something on how I use them together.

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