My mouse pointer disappeared in Visual Studio when using a dark theme

· August 30, 2011

I have started to use dark theme for Visual Studio. You know about the site where you can get great themes, right? I’m using the Son of Obsidian theme right now, but do check out Coding Instinct Theme by my colleague Torkel .

However – one thing that really bugs me was that the mouse pointer when in text edit mode (as it is in the code editor) goes to dark grey in the standard theme for Windows 7 (and XP and Vista, I understand).

That was a very complicated sentence but basically – my mouse pointer cannot be seen in the code editor. Very annoying.

I found the solution deep in a discussion here. “for cursor, select a windows black mouse scheme in control panel.”. That means the following – I didn’t even know you could do this:

  • Open Control panel
  • Open Appearance and Personalization
  • Open Personalization
  • Finally – click Change mouse pointers. That will open this window:

mouse color scheme

  • Select the Scheme called – Windows Black (system scheme)

This will turn the mouse pointer to a brighter color when going into a black windows. I can see again!

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