Dear Marcus ... there''s no "but" to follow. '

· October 9, 2012

I’m turning 40 years old today. This is a letter to Marcus 60 years old. Or maybe a new version of my 20 year old self, if I ever invent a time traveling machine.

If you’re not me you can still read it of course. But then think of that wrote this to myself. It’s pretty self-focused. Don’t think badly of me for that. Instead write one of these for yourself. Very inspiring actually!

Dear Marcus (future and past),

today 2012-10-09 you turned 40 years old. You are in a place of your life that you wouldn’t dream of and never planned to. I thought I’ll sum it up for you if you ever forget it (chances are!).

The main point is that there is not “but…” in your description. Everything is like it is and there’s no ominous but that throw it all over end.

You have Elin in your life. She that beautiful, fun, smart and all around awesome girl you met in 2004 if you remember. You are living in Stockholm in a very nice apartment in Hammarby. You are still in love. Elin helps you more than you deserve and makes you better than you otherwise should be. And there’s no “but” to follow.

You have three kids. Yes, I know 20-year-old-Marcus, you thought you couldn’t handle that. But you can! You’re actually pretty good at it too. There’s been a number of nights when you have taken care of them all of yourself. Sure you loose your temper from time to time as all parents probably do. The kids are wonderful:

  • Albert is four years old and really nice to be around. He talks a lot and is really smart which ends up in creating all sorts of fun situations and quotes. Alberts is doing great at dagis and makes friends whereever he goes
  • Gustav is one of the twins. He’s just starting to speak properly and new words pop up everyday. He’s a little engener and builds a lot of stuff or take other stuff apart to know how they work. Gustav loves his brothers a lot and take care of them
  • Arvid is the other twin. He’s a bit slower to speak but is improving for each day. He’s doing great at dagis and learning new stuff each day. Arvid just invented a little sign-language for himself (signs for eating, car and crackers are in there).

And there’s no “but” to follow.

Everyone else in your family are near and dear to you. No one is sick. You have contact with all of them and there’s no conflicts.

And there’s no but to follow.

At work you are doing alright. Excellent in fact. You still don’t get that fully yourself but people are actually interested in what you have to say and what you think.

You are working for Avega Group the best employeer you’ve had and you have a great role, Avega Coach, that means that you spend part of you’re time doing presale, presentations and coaching of other consultants at Avega. You have been elected Employee of the Year two times by your peers.

Right now you’re very much into Kanban and Lean and this year you are writing a book (Yes I know!!! It’s sick!) called Kanban in Action. It’s hard work and rolls along nicely.

And there’s no “but” to follow.

You and your family are members at the Vasa Corps of the Salvation Army. It’s the best church you ever attended. Everyone is keen on making it better and the officers (Candice and Cornell Voeller) and all the members of the corps are really trying. We have a strong focus on Jesus and try to make a difference in the society where we are located. And there’s no “but” to follow.

The band, Vasa Band, is something extra. You have just recorded a CD (David with Simon Frisk) where the focus of the message and Jesus is very prominent. All players in the band join in that focus and cause. A lot of members in the band have been saved when being in the band. We have a great atmosphere and feel to the band. And there’s no “but” to follow.

You are healthy. You don’t feel old although a lot of people have reminded you that you pass the youth-limit. You have a lot of friends. Some of who you are close to call family (Kalle and Fanny for example). You have no enemies and you still don’t compromise with what you stand for - well done improving on that from a earlier part of your life! You’re enjoying life. You can be pretty proud of where you right now. And there’s no “but” to follow.

Don’t be satisfied! Continue to improve! Don’t introduce any “but” in your life! I’m proud of you!

And there’s no “but” to follow.

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