Good bye Avega!

· December 7, 2012

Today is the last day I work for Avega Group. It’s the best place I ever worked at to date. I’ve been there for almost 8 years and see the company grow from 50 people to about 400 people.

During this time I’ve learned a lot from a lot of amazing people. I’ve grown as person and in my career to someone that I never thought that I could be. A lot of this has been due to the support Avega and all the people there have given me.

To say good bye properly I recorded a little (8 mins) movie with some memories from the Avega office that I will carry with me forever. It’s in Swedish so for all you english people (68% according to Google Analytics) I’m sorry about that, but this one goes out to my colleagues at Avega.

Avega - I love you! I've had the time of my life - I hope you have too! The world is not so big - we'll probably run into each other out there. A lot I hope! Bye for now.

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