Have presentations - will travel

· December 10, 2012

I have a couple of slow weeks before my next assignment starts for real, so as an early Christmas gift Aptitud and I thought that we could give away some presentations for free.

Please contact me on marcusoftnet at gmail or @marcusoftnet if you are interested in hearing any of the presentations below. No charge (saved any travel costs outside Stockholm… and the obligatory cup of strong, black coffee) and no strings attached.

[UPDATED] I have now booked my calendar to a suitable level (almost full). The response on this post was just overwhelming and I got 7 different gigs including a whole day at one company and a contact in Brasil (!). Might do this again. Longing to be bored again.

These are the presentations that I can give with an hours notice:

Subject Description Level Duration
A practical introduction to Kanban This presentation will give you introduction to Kanban and how to get the most out of it. Throughout the presentation you will see a lot of situations and suggestions for how to handle the. There is a short introduction to Lean in there too. Introduction 1 or 3 h versions available
Introduction to agile In this presentation I present the reasons for doing agile (or lean) software development in the first place. What will I gain from that? What are the pitfalls introducing it? How can I get started in my organization Introduction 2 hours
Specification by example Specification by example is the missing step for most development teams. It will help you to communicate better with your business stakeholders making sure that you build the right thing.
As a interesting and rewarding side effect you can get regression tests for free. Oh yeah - and a documentation that is always up-to-date. 
2 hours
Specification by example with SpecFlow Specification by example (or BDD if you like) is not about technology - it's about communication.
This presentation however is all about the technology. I'll show you some common tools and also some coding techniques that will help you avoid problems in keeping your test-code working as the system grow
3 hours
Get started with test driven development (TDD) This talk introduces you and your team to test-driven development - a design and coding technique that helps you write deliberate and focused code. You'll get some tests for free.
This is a technical talk that will include an interactive coding session. The coding will be done in C# if nothing else is preferred. 
Intermediate 3 hours
Clean Code and SOLID In order to move fast you need to move securely. To do that you have to write your code in a maintainable way. Robert C Martin aka Uncle Bob has tougth us about Clean Code and the SOLID principles and in this talk I'll introduce you to them. Introduction 2-3 hours
User stories - how to get the most out of them User stories is the de facto standard to handle requirments in agile projects. But what are they really? And how do I do estimation with them? Or planning for that matter? Is there any special tricks or pitfalls that I should know of?
In this presentation I'll share my experience with working with user stories - good and bad. 
Introduction 2-3 hours

I would love to come and talk to you on these subjects. Make it a happening over lunch or an afternoon of learning.  

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