Hello Aptitud!

· December 10, 2012

So as I wrote this Friday I have now left Avega Group after 8 great years. Many people asked me what I was up to now and I held the “news” until today to handle one feeling at the time. I also have been keeping this to myself and as quiet as possible out of respect to Avega.

There’s nothing drastic going on (yet, he said mysteriously) in what I will be doing day-to-day; still consulting/contracting in lean/agile coaching, with a practical focus. I have a hunch that says that I will be doing more and more around ImpactMapping soon.

But where? Where?!, they demanded over and over again. Well here’s the thing that really excites me; I’m going to a small (9 people) consultancy firm called Aptitud. Great people whereof many I know since before. Having met the crew a couple of time I can safely say that this will be something extra!

But the real cool part is to be part of building something new, a new style or culture (link) based on values that I myself have been preaching to other organizations.

IT contracting is sadly to this day, mainly concerned about hours and to bill as many as possible to the client. Not only does this goes against many of the thoughts of lean but it’s also quite boring.

We, Aptitud, want something different. We want to build a hub in a knowledge network that is bigger than our company. We are building our company on [trust](http://www.blogger.com/), transparency and having fun at work.

I will of course come back to this a lot of time but let me give you two examples where we have been challenged or made to think again, already. I’ll also tell you how that’s improved our work situation already.:

  • transparency, you say? So what is a transparent salary spec? Well it’s available to everyone of course. Nothing strange there. We post ours in Dropbox. BOM! With that simple measure you got rid of all questions, thoughts and jealousy about what other people earn and why. Check that dude’s salary slip and talk it out, if you still think it’s strange that Jane earns more than you
  • trust - we trust that you know others that might be a right fit for Aptitud (that has the right Aptitude, if you want :)). So if you do - check with any of your co-workers. If you both thinks this is good - let’s hire her. If you still not sure, well involve one more then.

These were just two simple examples where the key values have guided Aptitud towards simple, more people friendly solutions.

We have already heard from many that we are naïve and that this won’t scale. We don’t think so. We think great people accomplish great stuff - given the freedom to do so.

Oh yeah - if you think this sounds interesting. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

To all (all 9 of you that is…) my Aptidudes out there; Let’s go! Let’s be great!

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