Nancy Fx - now you can read her too! '

· December 20, 2013

I fell in love with Nancy at first sight; so slick, minimalistic, testable and understandable, powerful and extendable when I need it. I later learned those features had a name; the SuperDuperHappyPath and I’ve been on it ever sense I first laid eyes on Nancy.

Christian Horsdal (one of the people that first showed me Nancy) had written a book on Nancy in the style of Nancy. This is a great companion to every Nancy-developer. I love the bundling in  recipes and how they are “graded” in from Simple through Intermediate to Advanced. Another thing that I really appreciate is that Christian has adopted the Nancy-style of writing tests first. It’s more code to read, but I would suggest that you don’t read it. Instead, type along as you read the book and you will get a overview and understanding of all the features of the Nancy framework. You’d probably find stuff that Christian didn’t mention too…

The code examples builds, reusable recipe by recipe, a nice little SPA application with a Nancy API that, when finished, is hosted at AppHarbor with Twitter authentication. The fact that the examples build on each other doesn’t hinder you from jumping in a later one since Christian has supplied you with starting points in the code download (although the numbering in my version of the download was a bit hard to figure out).

All in all this book is great! I would recommend it to anyone using Nancy. I’ve been coding apps with Nancy and contributing code to the framework itself for quite sometime and still; Christian showed me a number of tricks that I didn’t know of.

Thank you Christian for a great book! I know that I’ll get back to it and the recipes.

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