Best advice for me this year

· January 12, 2015

When a year has passed I often try to think back and find the one most important thing I learned. This year that was a bit tricky since I’ve learned so amazingly much. So good - and some bad.

The single piece of advice I got that stood out was about presenting. And it came from one of my oldest friends, one that I call my brother: Kalle.

Kalle is a pretty young guy but he’s very thoughtful and … yes I’ll say it: wise.

Another thing that stands out with him is the fact that he’s just become a Salvation Army Officer, a pastor if you want.

The advice I got from him was just before I was about to deliver my first ever “message”, or short sermon. I had asked him for all kinds of things about this but the final thing he left me with was:

The most important thing is to pray that you will become small so that the message will be bigger / clearer

or in other words:

You are not the most important thing!

BAM! It hit me like lightning; this is of course true for every presentation you ever give. You are not the most important thing - the message and how your audience receives / understands it is.

Sadly, when i look back, I have focused more on how I will present, how I will look or come out, will they laugh here, will they find me knowledgable. Not on the message.

But not since that comment. This simple little sentence made me restructure my presentations but mostly gave me a new approach to my material. Even old material was improved just by approaching with another goal.

Thank you Kalle! I am better thanks to you.

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